Download Pfhorte 2.0a13

Steve Israelson, March 11, 1995 (my birthday)

In an attempt to eliminate the bugs, I rewrote Pfhorte from scratch. Pfhorte 2 is that rewrite. Pfhorte 2.0a13 is the latest version of Pfhorte that allows you to create and edit Marathon 2 maps. It also allows you to import Marathon 1 maps and save them as Marathon 2 maps. It is still buggy, hence the alpha (a) extension.

Plus loin, nous arrivons au point qui est probablement le plus grand interet pour la plupart des hommes, et que c'est l'efficacite. En fait, une fois que vous prenez une pilule de Cialis, vous ne serez pas en avoir besoin pour un autre 36 heures.
If you include Pfhorte in a CD-ROM collection or magazine, I would appreciate a complimentary copy. Hey, it's only fair.

Changes since 2.0a12:
- Landscape popup now selectes the correct landscape texture. Was selecting one greater somehow.
- Changing the texture set now fixes up the control panels a bit, still needs user to fix.
- Making a default object no longer renders the flags menu inoperative.
- Centering map centers it on the grid.
- Sometimes the wand tool would crash when messing with sides and default sides. May be fixed.
- Default object remembers the flags too.
- Secondary texture show up in 3D view now. Does not align vertically correctly though.
- New draw modes to display various info as a number in the poly.

Source Code

Once I get well into the beta cycle for Pfhorte 2, I plan on releasing the source code. This code can be used to make map editors for anything but Marathon. These products then cannot be commercially sold.

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