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Pfhactory N'Utopia Update
May 7, 1996

The geometry has been completed as of today. At 1023 polygons,
it is now by far and away the largest marathon map ever created.

I'd like to thank all the people who sent me mail regarding
Pfhactory and its progeny. Without their support, i daresay that
this day may have never come. Thanks also to those who constantly
bugged me about it, especially cg and gk.

Now all I have to do is populate the damn thing. Ouch.

Thanks again,
ydnar :)

a Marathon network map

Pfhactory is a space-station
map in two concentric loops
(see map below). There is never
a shortage of weapons or ammo,
so always watch your back-Your
enemy could be just behind you.
Pfhactory comes in several
flavors, depending on what
version of Marathon you own,
and what kind of net games you
like to play.

As you can see from this
diagram, Pfhactory is immense.
Each grid tick represents 1024
units (about 7 feet).

Even so, you can get from any
place on the map to another in
less than 30 seconds. This is
accomplished by a complex
network of air passages snaking
their way around the plant.

> View Larger Map

Pfhactory .9b
designed for Marathon 1

This is the original map that
Pfhactory 2.0 is based on. It
was designed specifically for
team play, but functions great
in a 3 player game-you only
feel safe when there are
explosions in front of you. I
recommend ethernet for best

> Download Pfhactory .9b

Pfhactory 2.0b1 & 2.2cs
designed for Marathon 2

The Marathon 2 enhanced version
of Pfhactory brings play to a
new level. New features, such
as ambient sound, liquids and
shotguns add to the atmosphere
of the map. Pfhactory 2.2cs
includes a hand-painted chapter

> Download Pfhactory 2.0b1
> Download Pfhactory 2.2cs

Pfhactory N'Utopia
the largest net map ever created

Pfhactory N'Utopia is still
very much under construction.
While based on Pfhactory 2.0,
it is an entirely unique level.
Where Pfhactory has 2 rings,
Pfhactory N'Utopia has 3; the
third with an inner diameter
greater than the outer ring of
the original Pfhactory map.

> View Screenshot

Thanks to:

> Bungie, for their fantastic game.
> Steve Israelson, for his awesome map editor, Pfhorte.
> Jason_Titus, and the rest of the crew at ODS-the best of the best.
> Slurpee's Marathon 2 Page.
> Claude Errera (HyperArchive NW), for his help with Pfhactory 2.2cs.

...and Jason Jones, for putting up a good fight at Macworld Boston '95. ;)

This page and all its contents are copyright (c)1996 rf reddig. All maps,
films, or other files in this archive are freely distributable, as long as
they are in their original form. If they are included in any freeware or
shareware CD-ROM package, I'd be grateful for a copy.

peace and love-
ydnar :)
don juan in slate

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