World Wide Web
As the World Wide Web expands, it's easy for your home page to become lost among countless thousands of others. We use a unique approach to assure your page will take full advantage of the popularity of the Internet and a potential customer base of fifteen million people on the World Wide Web. Our approach stresses the following key items.

Keeping Up
New features are being added to the World Wide Web every day. At ODS we take advantage of all of the latest technologies to make sure your pages will look both attractive and cutting edge.

Custom Artwork
ODS works with a team of graphic artists, including Randy Reddig, author of the award winning game Troubled Souls. We can design customized artwork, integrating your existing logos and camera ready art, to create a web site that is both pleasing and practical.

The key to a succesful web site is access. At ODS, we immediately register your web site with over twenty five of the most popular Internet search engines. We take several steps to make sure your web site will be NOTICED.

Powerful Database Engines
Do you have large amounts of data or images you would like to make available to your clients or customers? We can create a powerful database link to your Web page, allowing people quick and easy access to the information you want them to have, anywhere in the world. All of your data will be fully indexed and searchable, so your clients can find what they need.

Virtual Reality
New VR technologies have emerged, allowing people the ability to browse through your web site in three dimensions. Wouldn't you like your potential clients or customers to be able to see and manipulate the objects you create or sell, or see your new location, or walk through a new design you have created for them? At ODS we can do all of this and more...

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