Electronic Communication
ODS specializes in helping businesses or organizations of any size communicate effectively. With our customized e-mail software, we can provide you with ways to communicate across the office or across the globe. Our software is easy to use, works on most platforms, and provides a forum for mail, discussion and project collaboration. Here are some quotes from satisifed customers:

"This e-mail system is the most powerful communications advance that has ever occured in our medical group. Our group (13 providers and some 10-12 managers) can now discuss a wide range of issues together on a daily basis rather than waiting for the monthly meeting or spending time on multiple, time consuming phone calls. We love e-mail, and particularly this very user friendly system"

-Marc Galinni, M.D.
Mount Vernon Medical Group

"Communicating through ODSnet e-mail is much different than communications through telephones or voice mail. It makes you "think before you speak" but allows more personal control than a phone call. You can send and receive messages on your own schedule rather than that dictated by the ringing phone. It also helps focus your thoughts on one issue in a way that a rushed phone call simply can't. I love this e-mail system."

-Steve Rupp
Vice President
INOVA Health Systems

Call ODS today and you will have e-mail tommorrow, it's that simple. We can set up e-mail networks for you, with links to the Internet, Rueters and AP news feeds, Internet discussion groups, and more. From two to ten thousand users, ODS e-mail is your communication and project collaboration solution.
Interested? Send us a message for more info at info@odsnet.com